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Gottet is a falling blocks game. Pieces fall from the top of the play area and you can move them horizontally as well as rotate them before they reach the bottom of the play area. The goal is to create full lines of pieces, which are then removed. The game is over when the stack of pieces reaches the top of the play area.


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Version 1.2.4

Released on April 16, 2024, under the GPL version 3.

Previous Versions

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Top row was duplicated when removing multiple rows

Dependencies: Qt

Linux (Ubuntu PPA)Details

Dependencies: Qt

Windows 10 x64Details

Size: 10.3 MB
SHA256: e9f3ec9e956ea2f758a8c26459a2c254c0f81c3df178c05ca9621cecaa6bf01e
PGP: ASCII armored signature
Includes: Qt 6.7.0

Windows 10 x64 (Portable)Details

Size: 13.4 MB
SHA256: 74fa5a23e4c6f4d963a37c383054e6ba63da396b37120e71056d2110b57374cf
PGP: ASCII armored signature
Includes: Qt 6.7.0

Source CodeDetails

Size: 525.6 kB
SHA256: 30063fa813617e201bcaae62ebc6f35d60ca8869bed0a5517aac52ea3cb526be
PGP: ASCII armored signature
Dependencies: Qt 6.2

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