Report a bug in NovProg

I try to fix every report that I receive, but it does sometimes take awhile. Keep in mind that I can’t fix it if I can’t recreate it. Please make sure that you are using version 3.2.3 before filing a bug report as I may have already fixed the issue. Also, file multiple bugs as separate reports. Thank you.

Please include the following:

Details about your computer

The operating system are you using, and what specific version (e.g., “Windows 11 Home Edition 64-bit”). What operating systems have you seen this on? Did you recently change anything about computer?

What you were doing

Please be as thorough as possible when describing the actions you took. Even the smallest details can be the difference between me figuring out what happened and struggling for days (or possibly never finding it). Details!

What you expected to happen

This may seem obvious, but I still need to know what you thought was going to happen.

What actually happened

Please describe everything that occurred instead. For example, just saying “it crashed” is not enough. Did the program stay stuck without updating, and then you force it closed? Did it immediately disappear? Did it stay stuck for a while, and then disappear?

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