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Whisker Menu is an alternate application launcher for Xfce. When you open it you are shown a list of applications you have marked as favorites. You can browse through all of your installed applications by clicking on the category buttons on the side. Top level categories make browsing fast, and simple to switch between. Additionally, Whisker Menu keeps a list of the last ten applications that you’ve launched from it.

Favorites are easy to add and reorder. When browsing through your applications, right-click on any of them and select “Add to Favorites”. Simply drag and drop your favorites list to arrange them to suit your needs. You can remove them at any time from another right-click option.

If you’re not sure exactly where a program is listed, instead of browsing through each category you can simply enter a search term. The search field is focused when opening the menu, so you can just start typing. Application descriptions as well as names are searched, which allows you to find a program by using a general word (such as “browser” to find all web browsers installed on your computer).


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Version 2.8.3

Released on January 16, 2024, under the GPL version 2.

Previous Versions

Bug Fixes

  • Fix adding launchers to desktop (Issue #122)
  • Fix segfault in profile destructor (Issue #123)

Translation Updates

Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Indonesian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish


Dependencies: Xfce

Linux (Ubuntu PPA)Details

Dependencies: Xfce

Source CodeDetails

Size: 188.4 kB
SHA256: e776c287658f98d0739447279522fe78766088438242cf2365a49c8973fc9cd0
PGP: ASCII armored signature
Dependencies: cmake, GTK+ 3, Xfce >= 4.14 (exo, garcon, libxfce4panel, libxfce4ui, libxfce4util, xfconf), optionally AccountsService >= 0.6.45, and optionally GtkLayerShell >= 0.7

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